Assertiveness training

Do you feel less assertive at times? Do you struggle to stand up to your own opinion? Do you feel awkward in social situations and insecure about making small talk? Then an assertiveness training might be the thing for you. Being assertive means standing up for yourself and having the courage to respectfully say what you feel, think and want towards others. It is not always easy to behave assertively. Sometimes one is afraid of a conflict, or one feels unable to speak their mind freely. An assertiveness training might also be useful if you find yourself being too dominant in contact with others.

This training has a practical approach. The differences between unassertiveness , assertiveness and aggressiveness will be looked at. Different ways of communicating will be discussed and practised. By means of exercises and homework you will receive insight into your own behaviour and communicating skills. How to give criticism, or how to express an opinion, are a few of the aspects which will receive attention in this training.

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